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Provide your details and we will reach out to you once a relevant project comes in.

Our Process:

Introduction of the Project: Over a short phone call or an email, we introduce the scope of the project and further details. Since the consultations take place in a short time span, the faster we get in touch, the higher chances of conducting the consultation.

ScreeningAs we introduce the project, we will be sharing short questions with you to validate your experience in the scope of interest.

ConsultationAfter our client team proceeds to have a call with you, we organize the meeting at your convenience.

PaymentAfter the consultation, you let us know your preferred payment method, and the payment is completed within

20 working days.

Become an Expert:

As Reticula Network, we conduct projects with our clients looking to understand different markets and industries. If you hear from us, you are suitable for a consultation opportunity based on your expertise and experience that needs zero preparation!


  1. Who is the client?
    Our clients are global advisory and private institutions who are conducting various market studies. Prior to the call, you will be informed regarding the client team and you will have your right not to participate to the call even then.

  2. How will the consultation take place?
    The consultation will be through online portals and in case you cannot join from your laptop, you are free to join through your mobile phone!

  3. What if I cannot answer all of the questions during the consultation?
    The discussion agenda will be adjusted based on your experience in the market and if you are not feeling comfortable with answering any question you are free to skip them.

  4. I do not want to share confidential information.
    You should not! In our agreements, we prohibit exchange of  any sort of confidential information.

  5. What happens after the project is finished?
    We will be getting in touch with you for the next project that your expertise is relevant.

  6. How is my data stored?
    All of the data is protected under GDPR policy.

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