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Our client shared a project with us about innovative drug therapies, alternative delivery methods, and novel approaches to managing blood glucose levels and shared the project brief with us. In this brief, they provided some companies they ran across in their research and would like to understand more about their products. They also shared 3 vetting questions with us to so that they could evaluate experts’ knowledge before proceeding with a call: 


  • What are your views on current trends in the diabetes field, especially in alternative delivery methods?

  • What do you think that the current regulation surrounding and its pros-cons?

  • Would you be able to talk about how novel therapies are perceived by physicians?


Our team did reach out to relevant experts and screened them against vetting questions. These experts and their answers to screening questions were shared with the client, and 5 of them got picked to proceed with the consultation call. Our client also received transcripts & recordings of the calls in order to go back and analyze them again after the consultations. The information our experts provided helped our client to tailor their own strategy in their current projects.

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