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Every interaction facilitated by us is encompassed by our compliance process.

Reticula recognizes the vital role of a well-established compliance framework and acknowledges the effectiveness of our existing standards for managing compliance aspects when seeking assistance from subject-matter experts.


We collaborate closely with specialized and experienced lawyers from the information services industry to prevent any potential conflicts of interest for our experts and clients. We invest the necessary time to assess the limitations of our subject-matter experts and effectively handle compliance and potential conflicts for all parties involved, ensuring GDPR compliance throughout.


We achieve this by granting our experts the opportunity to review and accept our Consulting Terms and Conditions, which are designed to adhere to GDPR regulations, prior to any interaction.

All of the below commitments are guaranteed through the terms of engagement that our experts sign;

  • Our Experts thoroughly reviewed all applicable agreements before joining the Reticula Expert Network

  • They commit to declining any project that might breach these agreements or their obligations to third parties.

  • Confidential information, including material non-public data, will not be shared.

  • Our experts pledge to maintain the confidentiality of our clients' interests and information.

  • If a consulting project ventures into subject matters that they cannot discuss, they will promptly terminate the project.

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