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Our client shared a project with us about Designing and implementing a sustainable food waste management system for a restaurant/ Their focus was on the customers, they wanted to talk with restaurant owners who have been using a sustainable food management system for at least three years. They provided some company names (not exhaustive) and other relevant information in order for us to focus on the most insightful profiles.  They also shared some basic screening questions;

  • Why did you change your waste management system to your current one?

  • How has that changed your life?

  • What are the pros and cons of using it?

    Our team did reach out to relevant experts and screened them against vetting questions. These experts and their answers to screening questions were shared with the client, and 6 of them got picked to proceed with the consultation call. Our client also received transcripts & recordings of the calls in order to go back and analyze the data again after the consultations. The information our experts provided helped our client to tailor their own strategy in their current projects.

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